Multi-User Sing Along
Create a virtual American Idol face-off singing competition. Challenge your users to sing along a trending tune, upload and transcode the videos into a series of streams to create an Acapella video.
Here's a video for some inspiration!

Choose a Serverless Stack

Resist the urge to create an Express app from scratch and deploy a server for this one! Instead, focus on extending our Blueprint starter application built on Auth0 extend's FaaS serverless stack. . You'll be able to quickly use our API's example endpoints or extend it further with other APIs. Then call each API directly within a Single Page App (SPA) to take advantage of the responsive design possibilities.
Cloudinary's APIs work extremely well with Auth0 Webtasks and other serverless platforms. We support many languages, including JavaScript and Node.js.

Use This Guide to Get Started

We've organized the Cloudinary resources in this guide by functionality so you can quickly add a feature to your application. Each article is a short and concise walkthrough, so you won't have to comb too deep through our extensive documentation, unless you want to.

Tweet/Share your Experience

We know your Hackathon experience will be fun and engaging. Don't forget to share that with your friends on social media. In fact, we've added links at the top of this guide to make sharing easy. Learning about visualizing an audio waveform? Show the world what you are working on and let them learn about the technologies right along with you.

Tell us About your Cool Hack

We'd love to hear what you built at the hackathon, we may even showcase it, so drop us a line.