Arrival Guide / Parking

API Training Workshop: June 1

UMG Headquarters - 2220 Colorado Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90404 (Bob Marley Conference Room Floor 1)
10am - 2pm

Hackathon: June 2-3

Capitol Records - 1750 vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Saturday June 2 at 11am
Sunday June 3 at 4pm
Key Contacts
Ching-Ching Chen, 407-921-3213
Travis Laurendine, 504-377-6130


For the June 1st workshop, enter the underground garage below 2220 Colorado Ave, and take your car to Valet. Be sure to have your ticket validated by reception.
For the June 2-3 Hackathon at 1750 Vine St, kindly note that parking is limited. If you're driving, enter through the gate on Argyle, and press the intercom button to check-in with security. Tell them your name and that you're here for the Capitol Hackathon. Please note that parking is limited and first come first serve until we hit capacity.
If you're ubering, please enter via the back gate beyond the mural on the south side of the Tower (located on the same side as the Coast Lot in the below photo).
Please check back frequently for potential changes