Discover Music
Discover Music is a complete, ready-to-run example app that integrates APIs from The 7Digital UMG Catalog, Cloudinary, Microsoft, Tivo, and more!
The app consists of two main components:
  1. 1.
    a Vue-based front end, which consumes data from
  2. 2.
    a serverless endpoint, running on Auth0 extend.
It allows you to search and sort your way through a massive music catalog, supplied by 7Digital. Notable features:
  • Album and artist images are cropped, padded, optimized and delivered using Cloudinary
  • Notable Vue components used on the front-end include Vue-APlayer, and vue-social-sharing.
  • Artists, albums, and tracks are fetched using the Music Discovery Service API, which wraps APIs from 7Digital, Microsoft, and Rovi.
Feel free to use, modify and extend any part of this blueprint app for your hack. Make it your own!
Learn how to build the Discover Music App with our code lab:
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