Capitol 360 Innovation Center Hackathon Guide
When: June 2-3 11am Saturday - 6:30pm Sunday Where: Capitol Records – 1750 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Designed to foster innovative ideas and bridge the gap between content creators and the tech community, this 2- day Hackathon will bring together software developers, and acclaimed producers, songwriters, and influencers in a challenge to incubate new waves of music-related products, services, and content.
All participants will have access to the state-of-the-art Capitol Recording Studios and a catalog of UMG audio streaming tracks.
Check back on this page for access to never before seen footage and archival content!!

The first-ever Capitol Innovation Labs Hackathon brings together coders, developers, hackers, artists, designers and tech specialists for 24 hours of intense work, debates, brainstorming, innovation, camaraderie and fun! Each team is invited to formulate solutions to problems and create new pathways to move the music industry forward
We're hackers too, so we know your time at the Hackathon is limited. That's why we've developed this guide to help you harness our technology to realize your ideas in the most efficient way possible.

Developers will have pre-cleared access to 14k UMG audio streaming tracks. Winners are eligible for an 8-month Innovation License for continued access to our sandbox.
Artists included in this catalog include old and new, and cross genre: Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Diana Ross, Neil Diamond,Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Rihanna, Maroon 5,Hans Zimmer, Andrea Bocelli, John Williams
Blue Note: We will be opening up select assets from our digitized archives to developers, in a challenge to build an immersive catalog experience:
  • Tape transfers + tape box scans
  • Production Masters
  • Mix Reels including out-takes
  • Photo session scans
  • Music Videos/Session Videos
  • Art flat scans + illustrations
This Hackathon Guide is a living document which we update frequently with additional info and code examples. It's meant to be a quick start in learning about Cloudinary and how to integrate other APIs featured at this event. Please take a few moments to check out and follow the guide's thought starters links and try our Blueprint Sample Application: Discover Music - complete ready to run example app that integrates APIs from Cloudinary, The 7Digital CMG Catalog, Tivo, Microsoft and more! Feel free to use, modify and extend our blueprint apps for your Hack. And, don't forget to check back here often for new content.
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