Setting Up a Cloudinary Account
The Cloudinary Homepage
To handle image uploads in this app, leverage Cloudinary. First, create an account there.
The Cloudinary Signup Page

Find Out Your Cloud Name

Cloudinary then takes you to your Dashboard (media console), in which your cloud name is displayed under Account Details (see the screenshot below). Replace the CLOUDINARY_CLOUD_NAME variable in the ClCamera component in the previous code segments with that name.
Finding Your Cloudinary Cloud Name

Create a Cloudinary Upload Preset

Cloudinary Upload Presets enable you to set up the default behavior of your image uploads. That means that, instead of having to add parameters to apply to your images every time you upload one, you can define tags, transformations, and other analysis presets from your Cloudinary console. Simply specify the the preset name in your code and you’re good to go!
To create a preset, go to the Upload Settings screen and click the Add upload preset link:
Adding an Upload Preset
The Add upload preset screen is then displayed:
Adding an Upload Preset (1)
Type a name of your choice under Preset name, set Mode to Unsigned, and then specify the other details, as appropriate.
Adding an Upload Preset (2)
When the ClCamera component uploads an image from your app, Cloudinary returns a data element that contains the information relevant to the image. That way, if you set up an Upload Preset to perform such tasks as face detection, image-color analysis, and object detection, Cloudinary returns the results to you for use as you deem appropriate. By default, Cloudinary returns the URL of your uploaded image.
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