Verizon 5G Challenge

Creative Brief

Design and develop an immersive music experience over 5G. Verizon's fifth-generation (5G) wireless network will transform almost every industry. 5G will provide up to 1,000 times the bandwidth of today’s 4G LTE network and 20 times faster speeds along with near-instantaneous responsiveness. For music, 5G will unlock graphics-rich, interactive immersive experiences that weren’t possible on a mobile phone before. For Capitol’s HackFest 360, you will collaborate with an up-and-coming music artist to prototype and push the boundaries of immersive music experiences using the power of 5G. Consider the music video of the future and unique ways to integrate spatialized audio and volumetric video motion capture into music experiences. At the end of the weekend, your team should develop a proof of concept prototype that streams hi-res graphics, spatial audio, and volumetric video capture over the 5G network. Your final deliverable should be an immersive music experience developed in Unity as an Android app. ​Since we’re providing an asset package that includes Unity libraries, we highly recommend that every team uses Unity.

Your team will spend Thursday and Friday at RYOT’s 5G Lab to work in Verizon's motion-capture studio and Unity workstations. On Saturday, you’ll collaborate at Capitol records so you can add the finishing touches to your build. Before judging happens on Sunday, we’ll hit the streets of downtown LA and test out your prototypes on Verizon’s live 5G network.

Technical Details for Participants Verizon and RYOT will provide each team with a library of assets and shaders. One asset can be animated using Mocap and modified with shaders in post production. Verizon and RYOT will hire one professional dancer to be on hand, in a Mocap suit that each team will have an allotted amount of time to work with. Each team will also kick off the hackathon with a prebaked 3D hologram asset of the artist to include in their experience. The final deliverable should be a 360 experience in the form of an android app. 1. Assets that Verizon and RYOT will provide as a participant package for the HackFest

a. Volumetric Clip of Artist to incorporate into the scene (:30-1:00)

b. Digital Mannequin and Professional dancer to animate mannequin

c. Stems for the song being used (Capitol to provide)

d. Shader library: Matte, Shiny, Luminescent, Realistic (wood, marble, concrete, rust)

e. Virtual environment (e.g. photo studio, sound stage, etc.)

f. Select props/practicals (e.g. light rigs, scaffolding, etc.)

2. Assets produced at the HackFest

a. Teams will compile their experiences in the virtual environment (provided) and add in elements of spatial audio. There are many opportunities to get creative with composition, surfacing, sound, environment construction, etc.

b. Each project should be exported as an Android Build by the end of the HackFest

c. Option to spacialize the audio

Some Inspiration

Deluxe's Method Studios

Kool Keith X MF Doom

Volumetric Example

Low Quality Volumetric App