Qloo Developer Guide

Qloo is the cultural AI, and we produce deep data science for the largest verticals of culture and entertainment. As experts in people’s taste, we uniquely find connections across over a dozen categories and use that knowledge to generate high quality recommendations at scale. For this hackathon, we’re giving you access to a limited version of our enterprise API.

Challenge: Discover music by its relation to any combination of locations, books, restaurants, fashion, film, music or tV.


You, hackathoner, can use Qloo’s API to:

  • Search through ≈ 5.5 million entities spanning books, restaurants, fashion, film, music, travel destinations and TV.

  • Use any combination of entities to get recommendations in the category of your choice.

Important Information

  • Each team will be given a token to access the API.

  • You need to add the following parameters to all API requests:

    • "Content-Type": "application/json"

    • "Authorization": <token>


Javascript (es6)

const fetch = require('node-fetch'); const token = '...'; const url = 'https://gfqb4seej7.execute-api.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/production'; const qlooApi = async (path, params) => { const paramString = new URLSearchParams(params).toString(); const results = await fetch(`${url}/${path}?${paramString}`, { method: "GET", headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json", "Authorization": token, }, }); return await results.json(); } (async () => { console.log(await qlooApi('/search', { query: 'beyonce' })); console.log(await qlooApi('/recs', { sample: ['id', 'id'] })); })()

API Endpoints

Our documentation for this project lives at: