June'18 UMG Challenges

June 2018 Thought Starters

  1. Build an immersive catalog experience for Wayne Shorter

  2. Build an A&R Research Tool that can help us identify the small pockets of momentum globally. (e.g. Heat map of band camp data / live metrics)

  3. Build a tool to help improve licensing / rights management processes (optional incorporate Blockchain)

  4. Other strategic priorities for UMG: Bots, messaging, gamification | Playlisting tools | Unique artist marketing tools

  5. AR/VR - UMG's Music to create 3D mixes and interactive, 3D experiences for an Augmented Reality (AR) platform we are building. VR database of playabale music

  6. Voice – Create skills that uniquely drive music discovery by voice

  7. Spotify hack – we’ve gotten lots of complaints that artists are unable to share a specific track of their via a playlist link. Instead when they share, it just takes you to the top of the playlist page rather than direct to streaming. Not a full time project most likely but if anyone can figure this out as a side project, this request has come our way from senior management

  8. Create fun applications that merge video and music