Dec'18 Prizes

Our generous partners are offering the following challenges and prizes:

Verizon Challenge

Design and develop an immersive music experience that can only exist with 5G.

Over the course of the weekend, your team will be challenged to push the boundaries of immersive music experiences. Consider the music video of the future and unique ways to integrate spatialized audio and motion capture into music experiences. At the end of the weekend, your team should develop a proof of concept prototype that streams hi-res graphics, spatial audio, volumetric video capture, and motion-capture driven animations over the 5G network.


  • The top 10 teams selected from the applicant pool of project proposals will be invited to participate in the in-person hackathon, and receive a $500 stipend per person ($2500 per team). All teams must be available for an extra day Nov 29, to work from the new RYOT studios in Playa Vista to work on the development of volumetric and spatial audio content

  • Winning team will be awarded a $2000 stipend per person ($10k per team) to finish developing their project for potential distribution by Verizon and UMG

Qloo Challenge:

Best use case of Qloo's API (in conjunction with UMG's sandbox catalog delivered by 7digital and Cloudinary) to be awarded $1000

Discover music by its relation to any combination of locations, books, restaurants, fashion, film, music or TV.


  • 100k Bits awarded to the team that builds the best interactive experience with music, gaming and live streaming with Twitch Extensions


  • 5 Ethereum awarded to the team that demonstrates the best web3 applications in music

Cloudinary Challenge:

Build and demonstrate the best use of Cloudinary in your hack to win fun prizes.


  • 1-year Cloudinary Plus plan ($1068 value) to the hack teams chosen for the most creative and the best implementation

  • Distinguished hack projects (that use Cloudinary) will be featured on our Blog.

TiVo Challenge:

  • 8x$200 Gift Certificates to be awarded to the team(s) that makes best use of TiVo's metadata

  • Potential uses include:

    • Use more than one TiVo Music descriptor for artists, albums, or tracks in your application – any combination of moods, styles, themes.

    • Use more than one TiVo Music Artist association – any combination of ‘AssociatedWith’, ‘Collaborator With’, Contemporaries, Followers, Group Members, Influencers, Member Of, Similars

    • Use the TiVo Music ‘Similar’ API to retrieve similar artists, albums, or songs (requires use of an TiVo Artist/Name ID, Album ID, Track ID)


  • Spotify curated gift bags will be awarded to teams who demonstrate the most creative use of the Spotify developer platform

Gener8tor Final Round Interview

  • A final round interview to participate in gener8tor’s 12-week Accelerator program with up to $90k in financing