Dec'18 Challenges

December 2018 Thought Starters

Theme: Re-imagining Music Consumption and Discovery

If you have an idea for a new Alexa skill, AR/VR immersive experience, music gamification app or Twitch extension, fan engagement tool, etc. and are in need of content or artists to experiment with, this Hackathon is perfect for you. Our category challenges are listed below but all ideas you have at the intersection of music and tech are fair game!

  1. UMG Challenge: Re-imagine ways of using emerging tech to change the music consumption & discovery process for fans (e.g. voice discovery, web3 ethereum applications in music)

  2. Verizon 5G Challenge: Design and develop an immersive music experience that can only exist with 5G. Over the course of the weekend, your team will be challenged to push the boundaries of immersive music experiences. Consider the music video of the future and unique ways to integrate spatialized audio and volumetric video motion capture into music experiences. At the end of the weekend, your team should develop a proof of concept prototype that streams hi-res graphics, spatial audio, volumetric video capture, and motion-capture driven animations over the 5G network.

  3. Twitch Game Jam: Design and develop a gaming experience or Twitch extension at the intersection of music and augmented reality (use of Spotify API preferred)