API Specifics

Specific details on using the 7digital APIs

Catalog API Endpoint - Authentication

Hackathon specific parameters to access UMG catalog

  • consumer_key = 7d4vr6cgb392

  • consumer_secret = m4ntskavq56rddsa

  • shopId = 2020

To browse the catalog, only the consumer key and shopId are required

  • &oauth_consumer_key=7d4vr6cgb392 (Note, oauth_consumer_key is parameter name)

  • &shopId=2020


If you make a mistake authenticating an API call, then an HTTP 401 status code will be returned

  • Plain text error message will also be returned indicating cause

  • Access to resource denied = Invalid API Key passed on call OR Missing/Invalid shopId

  • Resource not found = Invalid API Endpoint called

API Endpoint - Responses

API Responses default to XML - JSON is available by using “accept JSON” header

Curl -H “accept: application/json” ‘http://api.7digital.com/1.2/artist/browse?shopId=2020&oauth_consumer_key=7d4vr6cgb392&letter=ki’

API Call standard responses (Success)

<response status="ok" version="1.2"> <response_content /></response>

API Call error responses (Failure)

<response status="error" version="1.2"> <error code="1001"> <errorMessage>Missing artist ID</errorMessage> </error></response>

A list of error codes and messages can be found on this page

API Endpoint - Paging

Our catalog endpoints use paging to return large sets of results, A typical call might return these elements in the response


You need to use - page and pagesize parameters to access the entire result set

  • &page={int} default=1

  • &pagesize={int} default=10, max=50

Example call with paging parameters


Accessing Artist & Album Artwork

The release and track endpoints return an URL to the album artwork


We have the following sizes available

  • 33, 50, 100, 180, 182, 200, 350, 500 and 800 pixels

50 is returned as default, to adjust this, add imageSize parameter to your api call


Please Note - All the endpoints return an URL for an artist image - however the image is not always be present as we no longer support this feature